Traditional fire hoses are lined with rubber and wrapped in linen fabric. Advanced fire hoses are made of polymeric materials such as polyurethane.

1. First extend the fire hose; 2, will bring two ends on one end, so that the two interfaces slightly misplaced, the interval between about 20 cm; 3, in the middle of the folded part of the belt began to roll up, until the fire hose rolled into a round cake type, finally the water into a disk, the two interfaces of the belt is just above.

1. Management. To implement special management, according to the quality of classification, numbering, timely grasp the quality and use of water. Establish and improve the hose maintenance system, and often educate all staff to comply with it consciously. 2. Storage. A special storage place or storage room should be set up. The long-term storage belt should be stored in a place with suitable temperature and ventilation. The belt should be rolled up and released on the water belt frame, and turned twice a year or exchanged for folding once. Belt with the car to avoid friction, if necessary to exchange hem. 3, the use of. When laying should avoid sudden twists and turns, torsion, after filling water to avoid forced drag on the ground, to avoid contact with oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals; In areas where there may be flames or intense radiant heat, cotton or linen hose should be used; When the climbing water belt is laid, the water belt should be hooked; When passing the railway, it should pass under the rails, and when passing the road, it should be padded with water to protect the bridge; Prevent the water belt from contacting with hard objects with edges and corners. When breaking and demolishing buildings, do not throw wood boards, steel parts and other items on the water belt; The hose should be cleaned after use; Lining hose should be used when laying hose on the outside of buildings in cold areas. 4. Repair. When using a loophole, should be timely wrapped with a cloth, so as not to enlarge the hole, and make a mark, timely repair after use. Usually should be regularly checked, found damaged, timely repair.