Yuan Jiajun, Party secretary of Zhejiang Province, visited the smart factory of Axta and praised the achievements of the innovation and development of the technology enterprises


On July 6, Yuan Jiajun, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, visited a group of scientific and technological innovative enterprises, in-depth intelligent manufacturing workshops, processing centers, laboratories, etc., to understand the digital transformation of enterprises, the stable improvement of the economy, these enterprises continue to develop new products, high market share, are leaders in their field.


Ashta East Factory

Yuan Jiajun praised the achievements made by the innovation and development of technology enterprises such as Ashta Qianjiang Robot, pointing out that innovation has an important attribute of counter-cyclical regulation, and enterprises with strong innovation are often less affected by economic fluctuations. He hoped that the vast number of entrepreneurs would take innovation as their spirit, seize the opportunity to change, seek development in the process of change, integrate technical resources with a global perspective, and actively study and apply new technologies. Break through the future in the midst of change.



Aestar · Qianjiang Robot Exhibition Hall

Qianjiang Robot, a good brand of machine replacement in China, Qianjiang robot has mastered the core technology development capabilities of industrial robot controller, servo driver, system software, reducer, ontology design, machine vision and so on. It has always focused on the research and development of industrial robot ontology and core parts technology, and driven the differentiation of robot by core technology to provide high-quality services for integrators.

Qianjiang Robot has domestic leading research and development, production, testing facilities and conditions, with provincial key enterprise research institute construction foundation and scientific research conditions, independent research and development of industrial robot ontology and core parts technology research, equipped with a complete range of research and development, production, testing equipment, Meet the design and manufacture of robot and intelligent equipment, robot and control system inspection and test requirements.

The company's products cover the load from 3KG to 800KG standard multi-shutdown industrial robots, as well as some special application robots, the company has achieved a breakthrough in a number of application fields, skilled in welding, cutting, spraying, polishing, sorting, assembly, loading and unloading, handling palletizing and other processes, It is widely used in automobile and motorcycle parts, 3C, hardware, food and beverage, metal processing and other industries. It has accumulated a wide customer base and a good market reputation in related fields. It has been in the forefront of high-quality industrial robots made in China.

With the progress of science and technology, the industrial work now relies more and more on automated facilities, and the heavy industrial production has got rid of the era of using a large number of labor forces. In the future, Qianjiang Robot will continue to develop towards the intelligent direction of industrial robots, and truly "make intelligent manufacturing easier", by giving full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources. We will strengthen the dominant position of enterprises, stimulate their vitality and creativity, and focus on the present while taking a long-term view. In view of the bottlenecks and weak links in the manufacturing development of enterprises, we will speed up transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, and effectively enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of enterprises.