The promise of future technology -- "Axalta Future Factory" was identified, enabling the collaborative development of manufacturing clusters


Recently, Aestar received the Notice on the Announcement of the 2021 "Future Factory" List of Zhejiang Province from Zhejiang Economic and Information Administration, which identified 20 factories including Aestar "Future Factory of Metal Cookware" as "future factories" of Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Department of Economy and Information Technology requires that identified enterprises should continue to deepen the deep integration and application of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, promote the construction of "future factory" iteratively, summarize and output new technology, new equipment, new models and typical application scenarios, and empower the digital transformation of industries and enterprises.

Astar is an international brand technology company integrating smart cookware, household appliances, smart home, industrial robot manufacturing and intelligent integration, and is a leading enterprise in China's cookware industry. In 2016, Aestar took control of Qianjiang Robot, which started the two-wheel drive strategy of "intelligent cooking and electricity + intelligent manufacturing". At present, Qianjiang Robot has become the largest industrial robot enterprise in Zhejiang Province, mainly producing Delta, 6-axis and 4-axis industrial robots with loads ranging from 3KG to 800KG, as well as some special application robots. Has achieved a breakthrough in a number of subdivision application fields, skilled in welding, cutting, spraying, polishing, sorting, assembly, loading and unloading, handling palletizing and other processes, widely used in auto and motorcycle parts, 3C, hardware, food and beverage, metal processing and other industries, has accumulated a wide range of customer base and good market reputation in related fields, Has walked in the forefront of China's domestic high-quality industrial robots.

Established in July 2013, Qianjiang Robot is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of industrial robots and automation products. In 2019, it was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Qianjiang Robot has become the only robot enterprise in Zhejiang Province that has passed the Standard Conditions of Industrial Robot Industry. The company has fully mastered the core technology development capabilities of industrial robot controller, servo driver, system software, reducer, ontology design, machine vision and so on. It always focuses on the research and development of industrial robot ontology and core parts technology, drives the differentiation of robots by core technology, and provides high-quality services for integrators. Service projects cover the whole line of automation design and installation, smart factory construction and other fields, committed to providing customers with system solutions and turnkey projects.

Qianjiang Robot has domestic leading research and development, production, testing facilities and conditions, with provincial key enterprise research institute construction foundation and scientific research conditions, the company in Harbin and Shanghai established a R & D center for robot controller and industrial Internet and machine vision research, in the headquarters has built three laboratory ontology, performance and application. Responsible for the research and development of industrial robot ontology and core parts technology, including the research and development test area of more than 2,000 square meters, equipped with complete research and development, production and testing equipment, fixed asset investment of more than 22 million yuan, Including Germany Wenzel gear measuring center, Switzerland Laika laser tracker, Germany Heidehan length meter, Rise CMM and a number of imported CNC machining centers, to meet the design and manufacturing of robots and intelligent equipment, robot and control system testing and testing requirements.

In 2022, Qianjiang Robot Digital Factory will be expanded and completed. The factory covers a total area of 240 mu with a total construction area of 193,500 square meters. After completion, it will form a production capacity factory with an annual output of 20,000 industrial robots, 50,000 key parts of robots and 3,000 sets of special equipment for application integration. Qianjiang Robot has built a more comprehensive intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, in the automobile industry, new energy battery industry, 3C, hardware and light industry and other industries, the establishment of intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, for the next step of the rapid promotion of domestic robots laid a good foundation.

At present, Aestar Future Factory has used nearly 500 Qianjiang robots, more than 1000 complete automatic intelligent production lines, 7 branches operate independently and cooperate with each other from input to output. Automatic mold library, rapid mold change system and island type sub-logistics mode of each branch plant greatly improve the production efficiency of multi-variety mixed line. The production line and automatic warehouse form seamless docking to achieve pull production management, effectively improve the plant utilization efficiency, greatly shorten the production cycle.

Compared with traditional factories, the future factory of Axalta has a great improvement in improving production efficiency, reducing operating costs, accelerating product research and development, reducing product defect rate and other aspects. In the future, according to the provincial "Future Factory" construction guidelines, Aestar will continue to improve the industry-university-research integration innovation mechanism, accelerate the digital co-simulation, multi-source data fusion, industrial Internet of Things and other new generation of information technology application, build an industrial Internet platform, through the enterprise wisdom brain, integration of design, procurement, manufacturing, transportation and other whole process data. Realize cross-regional network coordination of research, production and marketing, and realize digital management.

The biggest purpose of the successful construction of the future factory of Axta is to export intelligent manufacturing services and empower various industrial clusters. Relying on Zhejiang Qianjiang Robot Co., LTD and a number of application subsidiaries, Aestar promotes the demonstration application of "domestic machine replacement" in the industry. Combined with the company's digital operation control system, Aestar provides solutions for large-scale personalized customization of cookware industry, and also provides overall intelligent manufacturing solutions for automobile and motorcycle parts, hardware and electrical appliances, construction machinery, warehousing and logistics and other subsectors. We will promote coordinated development of industrial clusters.

Astar and Qianjiang Robots will continue to focus on technological innovation and industrial innovation, focus on the core structure of "future factory + industrial brain", continue to deepen the "new intelligent manufacturing plan", deeply promote the "intelligent manufacturing + service" model, and make every effort to promote the digital upgrading of the industrial chain.