To promote comprehensive digitalization to achieve intelligent building of the future, Axalta has been selected as the pilot construction project of "Future Factory" in 2021


According to the recent news released by Zhejiang, after the enterprise application, the review and recommendation of the regional Bureau of economy and Information Technology, the provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology organized expert review, combined with the "three services" site visit and research, the provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology determined that Ashta Co., Ltd. and other 33 enterprises to carry out the "future factory" pilot construction.

Industrial field is the breakthrough of constructing digital economy system in Zhejiang. How to "sing" the "march song" of digital reform? Aestar Co., Ltd. proposed a beautiful "duet" about "industrial digitalization and digital industrialization" : all-factor digital intelligent factory "second level" production of POTS, widely sold in the world; Integrated industry platform "production" intelligent manufacturing experience, enabling the industry.

In response to the strategy of "Industrial brain + future factory" in Zhejiang Province, Aestar has begun to lay out and build the factory of the future. In the future, we will see the Aestar Factory of the future integrated with six application scenarios, namely the application of the new generation of information technology, digital management, security control, intelligent production, network collaboration and digital design. At present, Aestar intelligent demonstration factory adopts Qianjiang robot to produce POTS and pans, which makes intelligent manufacturing simpler.

Zhejiang Qianjiang Robot Co., LTD., founded in July 2013, is a holding subsidiary of Axalta Co., LTD. It is a high-tech robot enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. The company has always focused on the industrial robot ontology and core parts technology, driven by technology to drive the differentiation of robots, to provide high-quality services for integrators, service projects covering the whole line of automation design and installation, smart factory construction and other fields, committed to providing customers with system solutions and turnkey projects.

"On the road of enterprise digital reform, from the macro to the overall building of smart factory and process design, to the micro to the digital improvement of a certain link in a process, Astra can do its own solutions and build robots." Astar's layout in intelligent manufacturing began with the acquisition of Zhejiang Qianjiang Robot Co., LTD in 2016. Over the past few years, from the upstream robot core parts to the downstream application integrator, through holding more than ten automation integration companies and intelligent logistics companies in subdivided industries, and establishing strategic cooperative relations with the Third Institute of Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Automation, Zhejiang University of Technology and other colleges and universities, Astra's intelligent manufacturing has covered the whole industrial chain.

Astar not only produces POTS and pans, but also provides mature intelligent manufacturing and digital enhancement solutions for various manufacturing enterprises. By exporting the overall solution of intelligent manufacturing and empowering more industries from its own point of view, Axalta has also found a new growth point.

"Cooker" to the left, "robot" to the right, Astra and Qianjiang robots are steadily moving forward on the road of change in the digital era.