Focus on the new era, create extraordinary, wisdom build strong "welding"


In 2021, industrial robot manufacturers have adjusted their industrial layout and entered the new development track. While facing new opportunities, the whole industry is also faced with many severe challenges, such as the global economic downturn, the slow development of offline economy and the sudden rise of raw material prices. Manufacturers are faced with unprecedented difficulties. The 6th Innovation and Development Forum of Welding and Cutting Industry, jointly held by China Welding Association, Trade Promotion Committee of China Welding Association and Welding House, came to a successful conclusion on December 9th. As the supporting unit of this forum, Qianjiang Robot attended and shared discussions with other enterprises around the theme of "Focusing on the New Era, riding the momentum to meet the development".

Mr. Gao Huaming, general manager of Qianjiang Robot, exchanged and discussed with other entrepreneurs

The forum through the display of new products, new technology, leading the development of welding and cutting industry new trends, new situation, enhance communication between enterprises, promote cooperation and development, will focus on the new requirements of the development of The Times, industry enterprise joint, comply with the trend of the development of The Times, seek common development road, with the help of collective wisdom, leading the future of the industry.

Mr. Li Shenglian, Vice President and Secretary General of China Welding Association, delivered an opening speech

Since the first welding robot was launched in 2014, Qianjiang Robot has made continuous innovation and breakthrough. In 2021, Qianjiang Robot Research and Development announced a new large-arm welding robot QJR6-2000H. Since it was put into the market, Qianjiang QJR6-2000H welding robot has greatly reduced the reject rate and finished product cost for enterprise production, improved the use rate of workpiece, and reduced the risk of damaged parts caused by workers' misoperation.
At present, Qianjiang robot has achieved a breakthrough in a number of application fields, skilled in spot welding, arc welding, friction stir welding, thin plate low splash, argon arc welding, ultrasonic welding and other welding processes, can realize the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, widely used in household goods, construction machinery, toys, auto and motorcycle parts, hardware and other industries. Qianjiang welding robot has the advantages of fast speed, high positioning accuracy, excellent motion characteristics and stable and reliable quality. It has accumulated a wide customer base and a good market reputation in the welding industry.

With the progress of science and technology, the industrial work now relies more and more on automated facilities, and the heavy industrial production has got rid of the era of using a large number of labor forces. In the future, Qianjiang Robot will continue to develop towards the intelligent direction of industrial robots, truly achieve "make intelligent manufacturing easier", strengthen the dominant position of enterprises, stimulate the vitality and creativity of enterprises, based on the current situation, Take the long view. In view of the bottlenecks and weak links in the manufacturing development of enterprises, we will speed up transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, and effectively enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of enterprises.