All guns blazing! Orders are up 30% year on year! The spring of Qianjiang robot is coming


On February 14, Zhejiang Daily published a front-page "Full Capacity Production Order", reporting that Zhejiang Qianjiang Robot Co., Ltd. rushed to resume work and production, in order to empower the province's future factory construction capacity. On the first day of construction on the 8th day of the 1st lunar month, 90 percent of the employees of Zhejiang Qianjiang Robot Co., Ltd. showed up for work. Mr. Gao Huaming, General Manager of Qianjiang Robotics, said, "As the labor dividend faded, the potential of the robot industry began to explode. At the beginning of this year, our new orders have exceeded 300 units, a year-on-year growth of about 30%." Now, Qianjiang robot has entered the state of full fire to catch orders. Mr. Gao Huaming, general manager of Qianjiang Robot, described it as "the spring of robots".

Qianjiang Robot is a holding subsidiary of Aestar Co., LTD. Under the boost of Aestar's strong application and capital, Qianjiang Robot has stepped into the fast track of development. In 2017, the sales volume of the robot produced by the company has exceeded 1000 sets. It is the largest industrial robot production enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and its comprehensive strength ranks the top among similar enterprises in China.

"In recent years, domestic robots have developed rapidly, and the growth rate of market demand has exceeded that of imported robots." Mr. Gao Huaming said that, on the one hand, after more than ten years of development, the domestic robot technology is gradually mature, on the other hand, because the domestic robot enterprises in-depth market segmentation, the production of products closer to the market, more suitable for domestic customers. "With the advancement of machine replacement and industrial automation, both market dividend and policy dividend promote the rapid growth of domestic robot industry. Today, domestic robots already account for one third of the market."

Mr. Gao Huaming explained: "If we evaluate the technological maturity of robot products by scoring, the imported robot can score 90 points, while the domestic robot has caught up to 80 points. Domestic robots have gone from 'usable' to 'easy to use', meeting the needs of many market segments."

Qianjiang Robots can now produce standard Delta, 6-axis and 4-axis industrial robots with loads ranging from 3KG to 800KG, as well as some special application robots. At present, the company has achieved a breakthrough in a number of application fields, skilled in welding, cutting, spraying, polishing, sorting, assembly, loading and unloading, handling palletizing and other processes, widely used in automobile and motorcycle parts, 3C, hardware, food and beverage, metal processing and other industries, in the relevant fields to accumulate a wide range of customer base and good market reputation. Service projects cover the whole line of automation design and installation, intelligent factory construction and other fields, forming the "industrial robot + intelligent manufacturing" dual business driven industrial development mode.

Technology research and development is the core competitiveness of Qianjiang Robot. Qianjiang Robot is one of the few industrial robot enterprises in China that master the core technology. Our core components such as controller, reducer and motor are all independently researched and developed.

Of the more than 320 employees of Qianjiang Robot, half are technicians, and the annual R&D investment has reached more than 10%. Qianjiang Robot is a developing enterprise. Only by increasing investment in research and development can it have market competitiveness and compete with imported robots.

To this end, Qianjiang Robot has set up an intelligent research institute in Shanghai to continuously make breakthroughs in core technologies.

Shanghai Intelligent Research Institute has conducted in-depth research and application on machine Vision, industrial software, industrial control core algorithm, artificial intelligence, big data, industrial cloud platform, etc., and created AR Hawk Vision machine vision platform, AMES software platform and ARX+ robot cloud platform with independent intellectual property rights. Through the hardware, software technology has greatly improved the core competitiveness of Qianjiang robot.

Mr. Gao Huaming said that at present, the robot industry has been applied from a single robot to the robot production line application, and then developed to the robot application factory. With the improvement of the demand for intelligent management, more and more powerful enterprises begin to plan to build intelligent factories and future factories, which gives Qianjiang Robot a broader space for development.

"We have the experience to successfully build the factory of the future (the factory of the Future of Axalta), as well as the mature technology and service model, which is our advantage."

Recently, Qianjiang Robot is providing a pump and motor enterprise in Wenling with robot production line and in-factory logistics digital application solutions. Mr. Gao Huaming said: "In the future, Qianjiang Robot will take the opportunity of the province's digital reform, further increase the investment in research and development, improve the product technology maturity, more in-depth development of application process package, to meet the needs of different customers in the subdivision field, enabling the province's future factory construction."

The report card of Qianjiang Robot

A number of products through the national CR certification;

● In June 2016, the 20kg explosion-proof spraying robot passed the explosion-proof certification, becoming the first nationally recognized explosion-proof spraying robot on the market;

● Led the drafting of the "industrial spraying robot" "product logo made in Zhejiang" standard;

● In November 2016, the 4kg arc welding robot became one of the first industrial robots to obtain the China Robot Product Certification certificate;

● Listed in the second batch of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in line with the "industrial robot industry specification conditions" enterprise list, becoming the only industrial robot ontology in Zhejiang Province to enter the list.